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We have our our own road, thanks to the kind folks of Salem, Oregon. Just turn left off of Cordon.

Personal stuff

By Adam Gaffin
Roslindale, Mass.

Relocating to Boston and Surrounding Areas
Everyone who's anyone wants to move to Boston, so everyone should buy this book. Heck, buy several copies for your friends!

Boston Online
The hub of the universe.

The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English
No, we don't talk funny. You do.
World's greatest online publication about enterprise network computing.

Your daily guide to the most important Web sites anywhere, ever.

EFF's Guide to the Internet
Written by a former big dummy.

The Roslindale Snowcam
Hint: It's a joke.

The Boston Winter Misery Center
If only it were a joke.

  Gaffins and relations

About the name: First, there seem to be two types of Gaffins out there: The Jewish ones originally from Lithuania and the Protestant ones from, well, I don't know where, who seem to have largely settled in Ohio (they are all apparently descended from William Gaffin, Sr., who was born in 1775 in New York and moved to Ohio in 1814 or so; see the Gaffin genealogy forum for more). The Jewish name is supposedly derived from the Hebrew word for wine. If you're one of the Jewish Gaffins, this is, no doubt, something you've told to your Jewish friends about 16 million times ("you know, the brucha for wine: 'borai p'ri ha'Gohfen'"). But without further ado:

Gaffin collections

NEW: Gaffin geographical distribution
Perhaps not surprisingly, we don't really show up on the map anywhere, except for a very, very slight impression in Ohio and, for some odd reason, South Dakota.

Gaffin White Pages
Still, there are more of us than you might think.

Gaffins in print
See our collective oeuvre.

Inventive Gaffins
Patents we have earned.

Gaffins on the silver screen

Grave Gaffins
Where some of us are buried.

Nancy Reynolds
Ye scribe's wife.

Greta Gaffin
The ever feisty daughter, a.k.a. the Bish Monster.

Josh "Bubble" Gaffin
The brother. See how he met his wife.

Dudley Gaffin
The father and lawyer. You can read the decision in one of his election-law cases.

Kate Gaffin
The sister and inventor, and founder of Beautiful Futures sweatshirts for kids (so buy some today!).

Elizabeth Gaffin
The other sister, also a lawyer. Her listing is waaaay out of date, which perhaps says something about Westlaw.

Gerald Gaffin
The nice guy in Framingham who's a lawyer and who everybody in Framingham always asks me if I'm related to, only I'm not (that we can figure out). His brother, Stephen, is a researcher at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine in Natick.

Michael Gaffin
Another lawyer (what is it that drives so many Gaffins into the law?), this time in Boston. He's one of the Worcester Gaffins.

David Gaffin
Yet another Boston Gaffin attorney. They could all get together and form their own firm: Gaffin, Gaffin, Gaffin, Gaffin and Gaffin. "Is Mr. Gaffin in?..."

Richard Gaffin
Another barrister, this time in Michigan.

Stuart R. Gaffin
Scientist with rakish hair. Also a New Yorker, which is kind of bizarre because ye scribe is also a New York Gaffin and thought he knew all the other Gaffins in town, but obviously not...

Jeffrey Gaffin
Patent examiner, as you'll notice if you click on the link and see all the patents he's mentioned in.

Doug Gaffin
Scorpion Man. He's a researcher at the University of Oklahoma who studies how sand scorpions process information because of "their clean native habitat, slow walking behavior, and fluorescent epicuticle."

Melanie Gaffin
The actress.

Gaffin Industrial Services
George and Deborah Gaffin's pride and joy, which specializes in "industrial waterblasting and vacuum services utilizing 10,000 to 20,000 psi waterblasting pumps."

Jane Gaffin
Crack correspondent for the Yukon News.

Veronique Gaffin
A gay Cucha Girl in San Jose, Costa Rica. Voted Miss Cucharrones in 1999.

Ted Gaffin
The most optimistic Gaffin in the world.

Bryan Gaffin
An Ohio Gaffin living in New York, pursuing his dreams as a freelance art director. Who'da thunk it? Plus, the world's first known example of a Gaffin using Flash on a Web site.

Craig Alan Gaffin
Going for his MBA at Washington University. From Honeoye Falls, NY.

Kimberly Gaffin
Crack computer consultant.

C. Harold Gaffin
Director, School of Printing Management and Sciences, R.I.T. Born in China! See, we really are all over!

Richard Birch Gaffin
Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. Definitely not one of the New York Gaffins.

A Revolutionary Gaffin
See this family tree for Mary Gaffin, born in 1772.

Helena Gaffin
Clark University student.

Rachel Gaffin
Actress living in North London who sings in nursing homes and senior day centres.

Larry Gaffin
United Church of Christ minister who runs the Center for Life Decisions in Seattle.

Barbara Gaffin
Associate director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston.

Myrtle E. Gaffin
Former member of the Department of Business Education, University of Northern Iowa.

Robert Gaffin
Professor, department of medical physiology, Texas A&M.

Ira and Marge Gaffin
Founders of FamOhio, a support group for hemophiliacs and their families.

Art Gaffin
CEO and CTO of SighTech, maker of machine-vision tools. Not to be confused with...

Arthur Gaffin
A production stage manager and one of the New York Gaffins! And neither he nor Art are to be confused with ...

Arthur Gaffin
A completely fictional coroner in an X-Files episode who examined Muldur's coffin.

Lauri Gaffin
Set decorator. Wonder if she knows Arthur? Lives in a former Quincy Jones home.

Ilene Gaffin
Certified social worker, Ithaca, N.Y. Now that's upstate!

Theresa Gaffin
A Peebles resident and highway maintenance worker at the Ohio Department of Transportation's Adams County Highway Maintenance Facility in West Union.

Sam and Bonnie Gaffin
Comic-book creators.

Mark Gaffin
CVS roadside Samaritan in greater Cincinnati.

Ben Gaffin
Piano tuner in Los Angeles. As opposed to ...

Ben Gaffin, about to graduate USC with a degree in music industry, who happens to be the brother of

Dave Gaffin
who is a sun-loving Gaffin and Cornell grad (and son of Lawrence, who works for Boston University). Ben and Dave are cousins of:

Esra Gaffin
An actress, fluent in Turkish and Spanish, who has appeared on "Sex and the City." Dave and Ben, meanwhile, are nephews of:

Dennis Gaffin
Anthropology professor, Buffalo State College and author of In Place: Spatial and Social Order in a Faeroe Islands Community.

Joyce Gaffin
Oregon watercolorist.

David M. Gaffin
Memphis meteorologist. Not to be confused with...

David Gaffin
"He is in charge of our carnivorous plant program, which is the world's largest. "

John Gaffin
President of HR Associates in Miami.

John Gaffin
Presumably a different John, he's a California endangered-species specialist.

Harris Gaffin
Author of "Hollywood Blue: The Tinseltown Pornographers."

Norman Gaffin
Teaches drawing and pastel painting at Lenape (N.J.) Regional Community School.

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